Fiberglass Doors For Sale

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Fiberglass Doors For Sale

Fiberglass is synonymous with product innovation, to which Masonite is no stranger. Founder William Mason, a researcher, engineer and inventor, had innovated the use of wood to create building materials in 1924. The company has one of the largest R&D; facilities for steel, composite, fiberglass and wood doors. Barrington fiberglass doors all exhibit careful attention to detail that makes them ideal as residential focal points. It is evident in how the raised moulding has been incorporated into the door facing so that both come as one singular piece, unlike plant-on appliques that can later break apart from the door. A square-edge design constitutes special glass frames that have been constructed to align correctly with the panel while the lock area has been reinforced to ensure a solid mounting surface. All feature bottom rails using composite material resistant to rotting and engineered hinge and lock stiles with laminated lumber.

Curb appeal should not be overlooked when buying Barrington fiberglass entry doors. The Sierra series complements Southwest, Spanish or Mediterranean architecture. It boasts the first and only non-glazed, opaque finish on a Barrington door. A 2-panel camber top design and custom panel profile are its other components, with options of planks and matching full sideline panels. The Craftsman series matches up to mission or craftsman home designs. It features three recessed panels and a one-lite glazing system, with the option of matching one-panel, one-lite sidelite panel. With so many elements to consider, buyers could certainly use customer support and follow-through. A trusted name like Masonite should be reliable in this department even as the competition is folding after making a sale.

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Fiberglass Doors For Sale